Alan Keating Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career {Updated}

Alan Keating Net Worth is regularly around $3 Million in 2022. Alan Keating is an American poker player and popular social media star. He came to the limelight after his appearance in the World Series of Poker.

He appeared in front of the world in 2007, when he won $3400 in the World Series of Poker event because he appeared on 15 of No-Limit Hold’em. He has been in the professional unusual industry for a long time.

He is also very popular on his social media platforms including Instagram and other social networks. He gains his most popularity by playing games and earning lots of money through playing games in various clubs.

Many people are interested to know more detailed information about their favorite American poker player Keating. So, Let’s talk about Alan Keating Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Earnings, Luxury Lifestyle, and more detailed information that people are interested to know about Alan.

Born NameAlan Keating
Celebrated NameKeating
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionPoker Player
Age36 Years Old
Date of BirthMarch 9th, 1986
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada

Early Life

Alan Keating was born on March 9th, 1986, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, now he is around 36 Years Old.

He grew up in a middle-class and well-educated American family who believed in Christianity religion, Alan holds an American nationality which he earned from his father.

His zodiac sign is Pisces, he wanted to become a poker player in his childhood days because he went into the clubs and gaming areas with his father. Which encouraged him to build his passion and interest in those games. He also loves playing outdoor games in which including football and basketball which he shared in his Instagram post.

He completed his early education at the Local High School located in Las Vegas. And After completing early education he enrolled himself at the University of Maryland to complete his psychology degree there. He also enrolled in Essex College and study there to become an assistant physician.

Alan is very active in both filed like gaming and study that’s why he completed his physics degree from Maryland University to become a physician expert in his life. But at the same time, his interest in playing Poker helped him to grow his career as a professional player and win lots of money from there by playing games in clubs.


Alan started his career in 2007 when he debut WSOP championship, he appeared in the Main Event Winning around $58,570, and after some time in the No-Limit Hold’em Championship and then he won around $3800 from there by playing the game in a cash amount.

Then he started getting fame as well as success at the same time. Then in the year of 2009, it turned out to be the highest-ranking year in Alan’s whole career because he appeared in the No Limit Hold’em again and the second time appeared at the 40th Annual World Series of Poker Winer.

That time he win around $14,413 in cash. following that he also appeared in the No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Bellagio Summer Dailies, and ranked at number 5 position that time he won around $9,015.

Keating continued to become part spent in the WSOP Championship from 2010 to 2015 and every time he become the winner and earned lots of money from the game. Also, his most of income comes from there in 2010 when the 41st Annual World Series of Poker won he earned around $41,967, and the last time in 2012 the 43rd, Annual World Series of Poker he won around $2767.

Alan Keating

Then after that in 2013 when the 44th Annual World Series of Poker was announced he also become the part of Poker game and at that time he earned around $21,495, and win the competition.

After that, in 2015 he become the part of No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Fire Diamond Classic {WPT} and then he generated more than $21,074 in cash and win the championship in 2015. He also appeared in some live shows of Hustler clubs.

Hustler Clubs Events

In the year 2022, he lasted eight houses and was the most intense stream in the time of live Poker. Because he is the man himself who acheave lots of goals in his life to win the championship. More than 100K poker fans are still watching talented players beating at one table with many Twitch gamers and YouTube stars.

Alan was sorrowed by the biggest loss in the world poker industry after losing $100 to $200 on the No Limit Hold’em game. Normally he contests in the Hustler Club Live Events, and he stunned lots of his fans when he lost $1.1 Million at an amateur-filled table.

Also, he won lots of money but at the same time, he lose some amount from his bank account because of losing the game. Which motivates him to play more focused and win more money.

Personal Life

When we talk about Alan’s personal life information then he is an American Poker player, and he started taking an interest because of his father at a very early age when he started visiting clubs with his father. Then he thought that he wanted to become a poker player in his life.

He didn’t share any of his father’s information about their profession or even name the same thing with his mother. Because he didn’t want to share any of his personal information about his family or siblings on social media platforms. Alan wanted to become separated and manage his life from social media.

Alan Keating’s marital status is married, and his wife’s name is Annita Van Lersel, they started dating a long time they also share pictures on their Instagram account. But as of now, he didn’t share any personal information about his wife. Although, they were also blessed with four children.

Unknown Facts

  • Alan Keating is an American Poker Payer and popular Social media star.
  • Keating’s last live game played was in 2015 with Five Diamond Classic.
  • In the 41st Annual World Series of Poker Alan won around $41,967.
  • He loves visiting all the clubs in America.
  • Alan also loves traveling all over the world and his favorite place to visit in Australia.
  • Keating has more than 131K followers on his Instagram account.

Alan Keating Net Worth

Alan is an American Poker Player he started playing the game proficiently in 2010 and win lots of life club matches and championships in his career. He earned lots of money and most of the income that he earned is from 2010 to 2015. When he continuously wins all the matches every year.

Many people are interested to know the income and salary information of their favorite Poker player Keating. So, Alan Keating Net Worth is regularly around $3 Million as of 2022. He played the Poker game for about more than 10 Years and has earned around $239K in the different matches of poker.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Alan Keating earn?

Alan Keating is a Poker Player and Social Media Star who earns around $700K Yearly.

How old is Alan Keating?

Alan Keating was born on March 9th, 1986, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, now he is around 36 Years Old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Alan Keating?

Alan Keating is a Poker Player and Social Media Star who has a Net Worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

Is Alan Keating in relationship?

Alan Keating married a beautiful girl named Annita Van Lersel.

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