Brad Lea Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career {Updated}

Brad Lea Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $10 Million in 2022. Brad Lea is a famous Podcaster, Book writer, Techies Sales, Youtuber, and Company owner. He has begun his fame after creating his company “LightSpeed VT” and is well-known as the owner of “LightSpeed VT“.

He is making enough money from his Youtube channel and his company and is a very famous guy from Canada. Behind his success are his YouTube channel and company.

Where he teaches how to grow your company and make money and he also makes podcasts on his youtube channel and shares information about different celebrities. Brad also features on different sites after getting higher fame in the world.

Born NameBrad Lea
Celebrated NameBrad Lea
Net Worth$10 Million
ProfessionTechies Sales, Youtuber, and Company owner
Date of Birth/AgeNumber 9th, 1969/ 53 Years Old
Birth PlaceCottage Grove, Oregon

Early Life

Brad Lea was born on November 9th, 1969 in the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States. He had three siblings. Yet, when bad was only 2 years old his parents got departed and they were taken to the orphanage. and growing up in an orphanage.

Then suddenly after some time, his father was able to reclaim them in a new house often he was not rich so, Brad lived in a middle-class household.

Then he attend high school in Cottage and when he was age 16 he dropped out of high school. Because his father kick out him of the house. Then he never attended college because he was not able financially to attend college.

Also, he started hosting after that time on the road. And he doesn’t want to do anything in his life. Because his father kicks him out of the house.

After that brad’s mom bring him to her house brad’s grandmother was an advocate and she pay his expenses at that time.

After that brad and his all family moved to Eugene, Oregon. Brad faces lots of ups and downs in his life and then he decided to become a businessman and make his life successful. Because he faces lots of problems in his life and he wanted to become rich and live his life like a rich.


He began his career when he was at the age of 17. When the first time he wants to become an actor because of his dream to become an actor. But after struggling very hard he didn’t get any chance from different producers.

His heart broke up and then he never stop there he moved on to another thing. Afterward, Brad joins the Forest Service in Oregon. Then he visualized himself as the individual who would help in the fight against woodland fires.

But he also leave his second job when he saw an ad about a young man who needed for cat salesperson then after leaving that second job he join that job. At that time he learned different things from people and his profession.

Brad Lea Age

He also started selling different products like Vacuums, art, and more things when he was in that job. That changed his life very positively. And earned him lots of money from that job and pay his house expenses.

He thought about how long I will be a wage earner now he wanted to appoint a wage earner for his company. After getting higher success from that job, he wants to start his own company.

He already works for different people and also different locations. But he wanted to make his brand or company where he hire people under him and pay them. Then he finds a name and decided on the name of his company “LightSpeed VT“.

Started LightSpeed VT

Then Brad realized that he had a lot of talent for teaching other people. Because his life gives him lots of lessons. But at that time he could talk to only a few people physically. But he wants to educate lots of people together.

With the help of the internet, he would be able to reach more audions all over the unites States and even from other countries.

Then in 1999, he launched his own tech startup company with the name “LightSpeed VT”. To introduce web-based learning first time and also gather more and more people on one platform.

Then he also hires some people to teach for his company online. He has a fantastic education strategy for doing online education.

At that time he becomes more famous among the people because of the company and also his company has been growing up day by day. He has more than 540K followers and brad is motivated them and also advice them on what to do in their life to become successful people.

Income Sources

Brad has also other income sources which gave him lots of money. After getting higher success with a company. He also starts an online podcast name “Dropping Bombs”.  He desires at delivering methodologies via interactions with visitors to assist listeners in their personal and professional energies.

He also started his YouTube channel named “BRAD LEA TV“, Where he shared videos about marketing, entrepreneurship, and life. He has more than 139K subscribers on his youtube channel and engages more people day by day.

His other earning source is a writer he published his first book named “The Real Deal“. In which he shares all about marketing lifestyle and other things about success in life. You can also read that book if you want.

Personal Life

Brad Lea has been married two times there is no information about his first wife. But his second wife’s name is Meissen Renee Lea.

He married for the first time when he was 17 years old. And because of some personal issues, she levels him. Then he married Meissa Renee now they have two daughters and a sweet family that lives in Oregon with a beautiful house.

Brad Lea Net Worth

Brad Lea Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $10 Million as of 2022. He is making lots of money from different sources. But his main source of income is the Online training company “LightSpeed VT“. He trains lots of people about online marketing, money making, and also other things to become an entrepreneur.

He is also making money from online Podcasting with the name “Dropping Bombs” and he has a Youtube channel with more than 152K subscribers with the name “Brad Lea TV“.

He has gained popularity day by day very quickly. His other source of income is a book that he wrote in the past day. Because he is also an author and writes books related to motivation and marketing.

Now he is growing his business all over the world and he aims to make everyone a millionaire. That’s why he created an institute where he teaches other people to learn all things about marketing.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Brad Lea earn?

Brad Lea is a famous Podcaster, Book writer, Techies Sales, Youtuber, and Company owner who earns Around $500K Monthly.

How old is Brad Lea?

Brad Lea was born on November 9th, 1969 in the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States., Now he is 53 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Brad Lea?

Brad Lea is a very popular Company owner, Enterpenurer, Youtuber, Writer, and Podcaster who has a total net worth of $10 Million as of 2022.

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