Deshae Frost Net Worth 2022: Age, Career {Updated}

Deshae Frost Net Worth is regularly around $2 Million in 2022. Smith Forst well-known as Deshae Frost is a popular American Comedian, YouTuber, and social media star. He came to the limelight after releasing excellent comedy and challenging videos on his YouTube channel.

Frost is known for playing the role of Darryl Henderson in the popular American series called “SWAT” which was released on the CBS television network from 2017 to 2018. He gained popularity from the series and started his YouTube channel where he earned millions of subscribers.

He is very popular on different social media platforms in which included his Instagram and Twitter, as well as a YouTuber where he most the time is active and posts amazing pictures as well as videos to engage his audience. Also, Frost did various television series and movies in the American entertainment industry.

Many people are interested to know detailed information about their favorite and popular comedian Star Frost. So, Let’s talk about Deshae Frost Net Worth, Age, Bio, Earnings, Career, Luxury Lifestyle, and more detailed information that people are required to know about Frost.

Born NameSmith Forst
Celebrated NameDeshae Forst
Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionTV Star, YouTuber, Social Media Star
Age21 Years Old
Date of BirthJanuary 9th, 2001
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington

Early Life

Smith Forst well-known as Deshae Frost was born on January 9th, 2001, in the city of Seattle, Washington, United States, Now he is around 21 Years Old. He grew up in a well-educated and middle-class African-American family who believed in Christianity religion, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

He grew up in the same city where he was born and started taking interest in comedy in his childhood days. He also loves outdoor sports and played every single day with his family and friends. In his childhood days, he loves playing football with his friends he never thought about acting and becoming a TV star in his life.

But when he rose Frost started thinking about his career and taking interest in comedy and acting. Which he learns from television series and school events. He also participated in his school events to show his acting and comedian skills, which helped him to choose his passion and then career.

Frost completed his early education at the local high school located in the same area where he was born in Seattle, United States. After completing his early education he started taking an interest in acting and comedy sketches and wanted to become an actor and TV star.

But at that time he never know where to start, although he took admitted into a private university in Washington D.C. and started his graduation. He also started learning acting for his television and film career, from the local acting academies.


Deshae has begun his career at a very young age after completing his high school education by publishing comedy videos on his YouTube channel. At the same time, he started learning acting from the local Washington D.C. acting academy.

He earned huge popularity at a very young age from his social media platforms including YouTube which was the fastest-growing social media platform at that time. First created his official YouTube channel on April 24th, 2011.

But in the early time, he only created his channel for watching comedy videos from where he took interest in comedy. After some time he started publishing comedy videos on his Frost-named YouTube channel.

He published his first YouTube video with the title “Deshae Frost VLOG 1” which was his first vlogging video and published on August 29th, 2016, after a few years of creating his channel. His 1st YouTube video received more than 110K views as of now, but in the start his video not generated any views that’s why he never made any videos for one year.

After that on October 5th, 2017, Frost published a second video on his channel with the title “ALMOST THREW UP! BLAZING HOT CHALLENGE” which video was a challenging video in which he appeared with his little sister and his most popular video generated more than 1.1 Million views and he gets a huge response from viewers on that video which motivated Frost to create more challenging videos on his channel.

Deshae Frost

After that time in the year of 2018, the first time he made his appearance in a popular American TV series called “SWAT” which was on aired the CBS television channel. Frost again gained lots of popularity because of that series and played the role of Darryl Handerson in the series.

But before that time he already appeared in another popular television series called “Black Jesus“. Frost also worked with some American popular movies which include Stay Woke, Chiefs, and Castor Oil.

Although he gained huge popularity as well as subscribers on his YouTube channel because of some trendy videos that he published on his channel. There are some popular videos available on his channel. He gets a lot popular from his popular videos which go trend.

His most popular video started with the title “GUY FLIRTS WITH MY SISTER” which was another video with his sister and video published on December 13th, 2018, and the video recived more than 8.9 Million views and become the most popular one as of now and still generating more views on that video.

There are some more popular videos available on his channel which helped him to generate lots of views and subscribers on his YouTube channel to make the most popular in the whole world.

Personal Life

When we talk about Deshae’s personal life information then he is an American comedian star and also a popular YouTuber. He came to the limelight after releasing his amazing comedy and challenging videos on YouTube. Frost also appeared in some popular American television series and movies.

There is no information about his father and mother but he posted some pictures on his social media platforms with his mother. His mother is a housewife and is also very close to Deshae. Frost has two siblings, a brother named Amare Frost and a sister named Brooklyn Frost and as of now, his both sibling are studying at the school level.

Deshae Frost’s marital status is unmarried, but he has been in a relationship with a beautiful YouTuber Jordyn. Who appeared in his most of videos and they have been in a relationship for a long time. But before that time Frost also had a previous relationship with Dregoldi who is also an American YouTuber.

Unknown Facts

  • Deshae Frost’s real name is Smith Forst he is a popular YouTuber and TV star.
  • His girlfriend’s name is Jordyn, who appeared in most of his YouTube Videos and is also a YouTuber.
  • He has millions of fan-following on his social media platforms and as of now, he has more than 3.4 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He has some close friends including Kingbach and Jay Versace both popular social media persons.
  • Deshae loves traveling and playing football whenever he is free.

Deshae Frost Net Worth

Deshae is an American popular YouTuber and Television star who appeared in some popular television comedy series as well as American movies. Frost earns lots of money from various sources including his movies and television series which give him lots of money. He also generated lots of money from other sources including YouTube.

Many people are interested to know detailed information like the income and salary of their favorite YouTuber and TV star. So, Deshae Frost Net Worth is regularly around $2 Million as of 2022. Frost also earns money from his YouTube channel by promoting various brand products as well as advertising which pays him on monthly bases.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Deshae Frost earn?

Deshae Frost is a TV Star, YouTuber, and Social Media Star who earns around $800K Yearly.

How old is Deshae Frost?

Smith Forst well-known as Deshae Frost was born on January 9th, 2001, in the city of Seattle, Washington, United States, Now he is around 21 Years Old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Deshae Frost?

Deshae Frost is a TV star, YouTuber, and Social Media Star who has a Net Worth of $2 Million as of 2022.

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