EST Gee Net Worth 2023: Age, Career {Updated}

EST Gee Net Worth is roughly $1 Million. He is a young American Rapper who came to the limelight with the release of his first album “I Still Don’t Feel Num”. He is also known for his collaboration with Lil Baby for his hit song “Real as It Gets”.

Born NameGeorge Est Gee
Celebrated NameEST Gee
Net Worth$1 Million
Date of Birth/Age11 May 1994/ 28 Years Old
Birth PlaceLouisville, Kentucky, United States

Early Life

His real name is George Albert Stone III, popular as EST Gee who was born in the very beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky, the United States of America on May 11, 1994. He was spending his childhood with his parents George and Sheila stone.

He grew up with his siblings Kieran Britt and Kiona Curtis. Later that his family moved along with him to Tubman Court & Ellington Avenue. That’s why he also loses his brother in the gang war. He was face some problems in his childhood days because of his weak financial condition.

Gee ad his smiling only depended on his mom. In early 2020 he lost his mom who was suffering from cancer. His father is a gangster in Louisville Kentucky. He eventually loses his brother in a gang war after the first weak when he loses his mom.

Gee start his education at St. Xavier High School and complete his graduation from this school in 2012. Afterward, he joins the grand University, situated at Indiana State where he wins a scholarship in football. Before he was arrested for drug addiction his original plan was to become a football player.

Completing the two years of study in Indiana State. He was moved to Stephen F Austin University. Nonetheless, he couldn’t complete his study because of bad drug addictions and he dropped out of his college in 2016.

Gee was reported by some students and spent 4 months in lockup. When he was only 16 years old he start rapping and his first video song was “Through The City”.


When Gee was in college he was patinate about playing football joining music clubs and many more. He also wins the football league in his college days. For starting days he was patinate about music and rapping. During his college days, he was arrested because of drug addiction and arrested.

Well, that is the turning point of his life he was motivated to become a rapper. During those days he watched different rappers like Lil Baby, and others on TV performances.

Initially, he decided to follow Lil Baby and began his career as a rapper. Then he decided to adopt the nickname “Big Gee”. Afterward, he changed his name to EST Gee. Because EST means “Everybody Shines Toghater”.

He shared his first song “Stains” on a youtube channel on 17th December 2017. After getting little success he starts releasing other new songs from that period.

He was gaining popularity via his interesting songs. Finally, Gee released his first mixtape “El Toro” in Mid on 2019.  After that Gee related his second song of the mixtape album “Die Bloody” the same year in August.

After a long time, on 6th March 2020, Gee released 3rd song “Ion Feel Num” on his album mixtape.

He was growing up his popularity by releasing his 4th song “I Still Don’t Feel Num” on 18th December 2020 of his album mixtape. The last song of his album is getting more popular giving him a huge fan following.

EST Gee Age

When he gets higher success in his life then he signed a deal with a record label. He also signed two more records CMG “Collective Music Group” and Interscope records. When Lil Baby features him in the song “Real as It Gets”.

He got more recognition from other records. Well, that song was featured on Billboard Number 34 and it was his first song with Lil Baby.

EST skip his mixtape album in 2020, but after a long time on July 21, 2021, he related again to his 5th song “Bigger Than Life or Death”.

In his mixtape album, he also adds other popular rappers such as Future, Young Thug, Pooh Shiesty, Lil Durk, and others. This album received a great response from its audience and at that time this album featured at number 7 on the Billboard 200.

When he receives lots of commendations from audions, then starts releasing his other songs like “Bigger than Life or Death, Part 2” at the end of 2021 which comes with a deluxe edition.

Then he create his YouTube Channel and related his new songs on his channel. On the day when he released his first song “Who Hotter Then Gee” on his Youtube channel at the start of 2022. His video collected over 1.5 Million views. On his YouTube channel, he released lots of other songs like “Bloody Man”, “Jumpout Gang” and lots others.

Personal Life

EST Gee didn’t share much information about his personal life or relationship. But as the source expressed that he had two kids although there is no information about the mother of his two kids. The first son of Gee was born in 2019.

Gee was shot five times when he was on the set of his music video shooting in Atlanta. At that time his left eye was injured one time and his stomach was injured four times.

Gee’s brother was also with him when he was shot in the music video and his brother got injured as well. In that incident, he was very injured, but quickly recovered in just 2 weeks

EST Gee Net Worth

The estimated net worth of EST Gee is $1 Million. In March 2021 he completed his song “Real As It Gets” with Lil Baby. That makes him very rich and adds lots more wealth to his bank. He loves jewelry and luxury cars.

He was born into a poor family and gee and his sibling only depend on his mom who was suffering from cancer. And level them at a very young age. His father is a Louisville gangster and he loses his brother in a gang war in Louisville.

His most of income comes from the album that he released mixtape. That gives him much more money than any other collaboration or song that he accomplished with other rappers and singers.

He is planning to release lots of upcoming albums and songs with famous singers and rappers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does EST Gee earn?

EST Gee is a famous Rapper who earns Around $250 Monthly.

How old is EST Gee?

EST Gee was born on the 11th of May 1994 in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the United States of America, now he is 28 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of EST Gee?

EST Gee is a very popular Rapper who has a total net worth of $1 Million.

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