Glorilla Net Worth 2022: Age, Biography {Updated}

Glorilla Net Worth is approximately $2 Million US as of 2022. She is an American Rapper who has gained the highest popularity by just releasing her new album Hitkidd & Glorilla “FNF (Let’s Go)”. That was the song that gained her most popularity worldwide.

This Memphis-based rapper collaborated with the producer HitKidd to create a propulsive hit about ditching her infidelity love to turn out with her girls all over the north side of America.

Born NameGlorilla
Celebrated NameGlorilla
Net Worth$2 Million
Age22 Years Old
Date of BirthDecember 13th, 1999
Birth PlaceGloria Woods Memphis Tennessee

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Early Life

Glorilla was born on 13th December 1999, in Gloria Woods Memphis Tennessee North America. The population of the city in which she was born is approximately 45K. She grew up in this city and most of his childhood time she spends in Gloria Woods.

Her real name is glorila pimp but she is better known by her celebrated name Glorilla. As a teenager, she attended the local high screen in Gloria woods.

She also joins some other schools including melrose martin, Luther king jr preparatory, and ridgeway high.

Although, she found her talent in music when she sings in a church because of her mother. She is very religious and would often take her to church sometimes four days a week. Glorilla and her mom realize that her passion is to become a singer.

But the main problem is that as a teenager she loses her voice. Because she started smoking too early in her high school days. She knows that she can’t be able to sing although Glorilla doesn’t give up because there is another option available and that is to become a rapper.

She grows up in a very small city there is no confirmation about her sisters or brother. Even she didn’t share her family details. But when she is in childhood her mother takes care of her and takes her to church. Because her mother is very religious and then Glorilla starts singing in church.


Well, that’s the point when she thinks about rap seriously as her passion. The first time when she starts her first rap (“FNF_Let’s Go“) at the end of April 2022. This song would take a few weeks to blow up on social media networks.

One of the creases things is that she recorded a track and song on the same day. She releases her trailer with a snippet of a track on her Instagram. The song was deeply assessed by the famous DJ Duffy. Who created TikTok with glorilla’s bar playing in the background? That song got very popular in a few days.

At the end of 2018, she created her account on SoundCloud and share her rap music on SoundCloud. Then she posted a few songs under the name of the “party thugs” track. The song title that she released under the track was “wear and ride she also released her other tracks with the name of solo and favorite.

In 2019 she moved on and create another rap music with the title P states which was uploaded to youtube and SoundCloud. 2020 is the grand year for her because that’s the time when she teamed up with a producer. Which was behind the hit track “To Be Honest“. His famous video track got 22 million views on Youtube.

Glorilla Rapper Age

She also has performed different live concerts and endorsed multiple fashion brands. Her recent video was posted on the YouTube channel “Hitkidd WIDM“. Which completed 25 Million views in just 3 months. She also recorded her music albums.

Glorilla is a new rising rapper who has officially joined the world of rappers club she also signed to lots of labels. The first hit song that gives her a great fan following is “FNF” that still growing to increase her popularity in the world.

From childhood, she wants to become a great rapper now the real come true. Glorilla rapper recently signed to the CMG label. CMG stands for Collective Music Group which is the first recorded label owned by the famous rapper Yo Gotti.

Moreover, she signed with lots of other brands and recorded labels. She is among those people who achieve higher success at a very young age.

She is 22 years old now in 2022 and achieving her life goals. After getting higher success and getaway hit her first song “FNF” was picked up at 91 number on the Billboard Hot 100.

At that time many brands signed her as their brand embroider and also signed CMG record labelmate Moneybagg Yo, Who recently gave her a Ja Morant alley-oop at Spotify’s RapCaviar occasion, Where Yo Gotti was called “Coach of the Year”. She is very happy to receive praise from very popular rappers.

Personal Life

Glorilla doesn’t share much information about her personal life. She is a new rapper who doesn’t have a boyfriend as she said in a YouTube video. Glorilla said that she trying to make music videos for women, standing up to them not be feel independent.

So, it’s clear that she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. In past, she doesn’t share about it. She is from a North American city.

As per a TV interview, she said that “She rises very quickly when she released her first song in April and got higher success in few weeks, also now she has become one of the most desirable cultural recorded in music“. She grew up among the top rappers in the world because of one hit song that take her to the top level.

Glorilla Net Worth

As of 2022, Glorilla’s Net Worth got approached $2 Million. She rising in a rapping career recently by just uploading one rapper video that she created in April 2022. Glorilla is a north American rapper. Who goes through his career as a rapper. In their childhood days, she loves singing. But for some reason, she can’t sing.

We have already explained the reason that she smokes too much in her high school days. That’s why she loses her voice and can’t sing. Then suddenly she decides to become a rapper. Because the beauty of rap is the same as singing. Then she decided to become a rapper in her life.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Glorilla Rapper earn?

Glorilla is a Newly famous Rapper who earns $200K monthly.

How old is Glorilla?

Glorilla was born on the 13th of December 1999 in the city of Gloria Woods Memphis Tennessee North America, now he is 22 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Glorilla Rapper?

Glorilla is a very popular Rapper who has a total net worth of $2 Million as of 2022.

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