Jose Zuniga Net Worth 2023: Bio, Income, Career {Updated}

Jose Zuniga Net Worth is regularly around $12 Million in 2023. Jose is an American Youtuber, fashion whiz, and social media star. Who is popular for giving tips about men grooming and health.

Jose also comes as the top men’s grooming guide in the world. He is a calm person who shares videos and also posts pictures on his social media account about men’s grooming.

When you are finding men’s grooming then the first video that comes on your device is by Jose Zuniga. Because he is well known by men’s guide. He is one of the most popular youtube celebrities who guides different tips and tricks about men’s guides, fashion, and also about business.

He gathers a huge fan following at very early time in 2012 he started making videos for his youtube channel. Jose grows his popularity day after day worldwide.

He also engages his audions on his different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and also on Youtube. He also started making daily videos in 2022 for his youtube channel.

Born NameJose Zuniga
Celebrated NameJose
Annual Income$2 Million
Net Worth$12 Million
ProfessionYoutuber, Businessman
Age28 Years Old
Date of BirthDecember 13th, 1994
Birth PlacePort St. Lucie, Florida

Early Life

Jose Zuniga known as “TMF” was born on December 13th, 1994, in the city of Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States. Now he is around 28 years old in 2023.

He didn’t share his parent’s information. He began his early education at the Local High School in St. Lucie, Florida. After completing his early education Jose take an addition to a college in Florida and completed his Finance degree from that university.

Jose grew up with his elder brother Juan Zuniga and his younger sister Maria Zuniga. His brother Juan also has a youtube channel and share different type of videos on his channel.

When Jose was a kid he loves playing computer games and also he aimed to become an actor. But when he was at a younger age he decided to become a millionaire and businessman.

At that time he didn’t have money to invest in any kind of business. So, he started making money from different jobs, and freelancing, and did much more things than he did at a younger age.

But he never forgets his main aim and that is to become a businessman. And he looks forward to his career and that’s why he did so much effort to make money and build an empire.


Jose Zuniga has begun his career on September 12th, 2012 when he first time created his Youtube channel with the name “Teachingmensfashion”. Also at the same time, he created his Instagram account related to styling tips and Men’s fashion. At that, he was still a Florida University for Finance education.

In the very next year after creating a youtube channel, he started making videos about men’s grooming, styling, and more tips and men’s needs.

And he gained much popularity because at that time there are very fewer channels about men’s grooming but now there are many numbers of Youtube channels that teach grooming.

Then he got the opportunity to promote different brands on his youtube channel and Instagram account.

He earned a lot from different grooming brands who invited him to collaborate with them. Afterward, he also started his blog about men’s grooming and share lots of tips related to men’s fashion and tips.

Jose Zuniga

There are various companies in which Jose and his brother collaborated and share products on Youtube and also on Instagram. He worked very hard and continue working and generating more money from his other business. Because Jose is one of the most hardworking businessmen and a Youtuber.

He also has different grooming and fashion companies like ESNTLS, and more. After growing his Youtube channel he also focus on other brands and businesses that he owned.

He also owns different companies and growing his business faster than ever. As he said for the past two to three yeared his audions grew very faster.

Jose started as a Youtuber or social media star but now he become a businessman and a millionaire.

He achieves lots of success in his life and completed his goals by doing hardwood and lots of struggles in his life. He also shares workout videos on his Youtube channel and is very strict about his diet so, let’s talk about his diet.

Jose Zuniga Diet Plan

People want to know the diet Jose Zuniga that he eats every day. Or What is Jose Zuniga’s diet plan? so, let’s take a look at what a businessman and Youtube celebrity eat in a day. He is very strict about his diet and makes his plans himself. Jose also shares his various diet plan on his youtube videos.

Let’s take a look at Jose’s daily routine, He woke up early at 5 am every single day. He is eating additional breakfast for almost the past 3 years. His breakfast included 6 whole eggs, a Whole bagel with two pieces of bacon, a banana, and a cup of black coffee with one cookie.

On a daily bases, he eats a total of 5000 calories and adds lots of food daily. His breakfast is regularly the same every day.

But at lunch and dinner, he changes different foods. Jose ends his last meat with a glass of protein shake and adds lots of things to his protein shakes like blueberries, bananas, and more.

House & Office

Josy Zuniga well-known as TMF “TeachingMen’sFashion” is a popular Youtube and fashion expert who lives a luxurious life in Florida till 2021.

Afterward, he moves to a new place which is the amazing city of America, New York with his brother, Sister, and wife.

When he increased his business then he want a business hub where he control all businesses, so what better place than New York for his business? That’s why they move to New York City to continue their work and live their life in that city.

He has different companies and new york is the best place to grow his companies like ESNTLS, Jade Black, Santa Lucia, etc.

He also makes his office in new york downtown in front of the Word trade center. He has a large office with an estimated 30,000 square feet and is in the most expensive plane.

He also has a house in Florida but most of the time he lived in his office which he made the place where Jose and his whole family lived.

Jose spends his most of time in his office that’s why he moved his whole family into the office and make a separate house in the office for his family.

Cars Collection

  • Jose Zuniga is one of the most popular youtube stars and businessmen. Who loves to live like a rich? He has a very expensive car collection in his big garage. But he recently said that he sold his most of cars because of a time shortage. He didn’t have time to drive those cars that he own.
  • He has some luxurious car collections like sports cars and Ford trucks. So, let’s take a look at his expensive and luxurious car collection. Like Ford Raptor which is Jose’s favorite truck, the Mercedes GTS, the Mclaren 570s, Bentley, Tesla Model X, the Porche 911, Hennessey Edition Corvette, and the final super sports car Lamborghini. But he sold all his cars before moving to New York.
  • When he finally began his business in New York he bought a luxurious and famous car. Jose bought a “Mercedes-Benz AMG G63” which cost around $200K and he has only one car in New York. Because he didn’t have time to drive his other cars that’s why he sold all his cars and buy this one.


He did a collaboration with lots of brands in his career and paid promotion. Because almost every single video on his youtube channel is equipped with brand promotion. Also, he has an amazing style and unique trick to promote various brands’ products on his Youtube channel.

Jose also promotes different brands on his Instagram by sharing short videos and photos. He worked with different brands such as Reebok, Audible, JCPenny, Alfa Romeo, Express, Old Spice, Amazon, and other brands like his own clothing brand ESNTLS he encouraged on his youtube channel.

Jose Zuniga

Personal Life

  • Jose Zuniga was born on December 13th, 1994 and now he is 27 Years Old.
  • Jose has one elder brother named “Juan Zuniga” who is also a famous Youtuber.
  • He was a younger sister named “Maria Zuniga” who works with their brands.
  • Jose Zuniga got married on March 4th, 2019.
  • His Wife’s name is “Karla Zuniga“.
  • Jose was blessed with a daughter named “Brielle Zuniga” at the start of 2022.

Jose Zuniga Net Worth

Jose Zuniga earned a lot from Youtube, Instagram, and companies the he owns. If we talk about the total income of Jose. Then as of 2023, Jose Zuniga’s Net worth is regularly around $12 Million US. That’s almost a huge amount he generates from different sources.

As of 2023, he is one of the wealthiest YouTubers from the United States who makes different earning sources.

Jose also makes around $100K per month from various sources. Some main sources of his income came from Brand promotions, his business, and Youtube where he collaborates with different companies.

He also earned lots of money by selling his company products through the videos that he share on his youtube channel. He is also making money from youtube advertisements and promotions.

YearNet Worth
Net Worth In 2022$12 Million
Net Worth In 2021$10 Million
Net Worth In 2020$8 Million
Net Worth In 2019$6 Million
Net Worth In 2018$4 Million

Most of the time he charges around $20K for one brand promotion on his videos. But the main income source is Youtube where he has lots of subscribers and a big channel that helped him to get sponsorships from various brands and styling companies.

Because Jose’s content is all about teaching men’s fashion grooming, Hairstyling, and much more about men tips. How Jose makes a huge amount monthly because he also owns different companies like Estuniga, Esntls, Jade Black, Santa Lucia, and more.

Which has not been reviled till now. Jose Zuniga earned around $2 Million per year from all his income sources. That we already mentioned above. Estuniga lnc is one of the main websites on which he mentions his all brands and Youtube channel.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here are some questions that people asked most of the time related to Jose Zuniga. People also asked more questions than elated Jose so, We have tried to give you all the education about Jose you are looking for.

How much does Jose Zuniga earn?

Jose Zuniga is a famous Youtuber and Businessman who earns $2 Million Yearly.

How old is Jose Zuniga?

Jose Zuniga known as "TMF" was born on December 13th, 1994, in the city of Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States.

How Much is the Net Worth of Jose Zuniga?

Jose Zuniga is a very popular Youtube star and Businessman who has a total net worth of $12 Million as of 2023.

What companies does Jose Zuniga own?

He also owns different companies like Estuniga, Esntls, Jade Black, Santa Lucia, and more

What is the weight and height of Jose Zuniga?

Jose Zuniga has a height of 6 feet 2 inches in centimeter 180 cm and his Weight is around 86 KG in pounds in 190 Lbs.

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