Kenzo B Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, Career {Updated}

Kenzo B Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $500K in 2022. She is an American rapper who came to the limelight by releasing her hit track “Bump IT“. She increasing her popularity by just releasing a recent track.

Kenzo love to become a rapper, and her mom gives her birth as a prisoner when she was in prison. Let’s take a look at how she began her life and become the most favorable rapper.

Born NameKenzo B
Celebrated NameKenzo B
Net Worth$500K
Date of Birth/Age4th March, 2005/17 Years Old
Birth PlaceConnecticut

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Easly Life

Kenzo B was born on 4th March 2005, in the city of Connecticut United States. She was born in the cell because her mom was serving a period in a prison on an 11 years verdict. In childhood, Kenzo spends 3 months with her mom. Because they give her mom two times to spend with her daughter.

After 3 months Kenzo was sent to live with her grandmother who lives in Harlem. Her mom finally returned home after the end of the sentence take them both Kenzo and her grandmother and moved to the Bronx. Afterward, Kenzo was living with her mother in Bronx raver park tower.

She spends the next 12 years in that violent and dangerous park tower. Kenzo also has two siblings and both of them are too close to her. Her brother “bendo” has become a big rapper in the Bronx.

When growing up everyone appear to think that they both were twins. When they were kids getaway on road Kenzo says that she was the good one while Bando was always a bad one. Because he was looking to get into all kinds of trouble.


While raising in the RPT Kenzo met the kid who would one day evolve into D Thang. At that time he was not a rapper. While raising little on social media he introduced herself to Kenzo that a typical boy who meets a girl in fashion. But over that time their relationship changed and they would become best friends.

Afterward, D Thang’s career finally changed and he become a famous rapper in so easily period. He motivated Kenzo to start becoming a rapper. At that time no one knew that his best friends had some real skills. D Thang encourages Kenzo to get in the studio and team up with him to sing a song.

At that time she has never done that because Kenzo thought that he was playing with her. But finally when Kenzo thought that she is about to sing.

She wants shart to sing because D Thang was the one person who encouraged Kenzo and recorded her song in a studio. Then finally she ever spits her first song “Bump It“. At that time Kenzo’s skills on the mic come from.

Kenzo B Age

Kenzo said that they both (her brother and she) start rapping at the same time when they were at the age of 8 years old.

But she doesn’t get a chance to sing. When she ware the age of eight she doesn’t have a Facebook page, no Instagram but only starts the music. That’s why she can’t grow up in the rapping field.

When she was a teenager she know that her career was to become a rapper. After completing high school she planned to attend college where she wants to do a degree in law with retention to become a lawyer or a second passion to become a detective. At that time who know her one day, she becomes a famous rapper.

Kenzo took her first step in her rapping career on 12 December 2021. When she posted a short video of the song that would become “Bump It” on her social media network.

When she drops her first song everyone becomes sports her. Then she released her first video song that blow up on the internet and got 1 million views in just a few hours.

Kenzo had a new female face on Bronx drill music. She dropped her new song and got more famous on her social media. Now she released her new song “The Realest” on YouTube which gains moreover 400K views so quickly.

When she got more popularity from people she is about to sign different records. Now lots of brands looking forward to her.

Personal Life

She didn’t share any personal information about her relationship. But we know that she has one best friend and his name is D though.

He is the famous rapper who encouraged her to start recording her rap song first time. And also he was the first person who listen to her song for the first time. In a recent interview, she said we are just best friends, there is nothing between us.

As we already know that she has two siblings. Her brother is also a famous rapper his name is “Bendo“.

When she was a little kid then her mom takes them Kinzo and her siblings to the Bronx in the river park tower. That was a very dangerous place where they spend their childhood time. There is no information about her father.

Kenzo B Net Worth

Kenzo B Net Worth is roughly estimated at $500K as of 2022. She is an American rapper who was born in Connecticut that the city of the United States. She completes her school in the Bronx. Because they shifted when her mother came back from the cell.

She grew up and enjoy her easy life in the river park tower. When she was age 8 her brother start rapping and now he is one of the best rappers in the Bronx.

But at that time she doesn’t have any source that takes her in the right direction and that’s why at that time her ambition is to become a lawyer.

But after sometime when she meets with D Though. Then she decides to become a rapper. Her childhood ambition was to become a rapper.

But because of not the right direction, she skips that out. But when she meets with D though and becomes a best friend who starts his career in those days. Then she start thinking about rap music and he also encouraged her to start rap music.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Kenzo B Rapper earn?

Kenzo B is a famous Rapper who earns $200K Yearly.

How old is Kenzo B?

Kenzo B was born on 4th March 2005, in the city of Connecticut United States, Now she is 16 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Kenzo B Rapper?

Kenzo B is a very popular Rapper who has a total net worth of $500K as of 2022.

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