Lulu Wilson Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, Career {Updated}

Lulu Wilson Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $3 Million in 2022. She is a famous American actress in the Hollywood industry. She stars in her acting career in 2012 when she was only 6 years old.

Lots of people know her by the main character performances that she did in a horror movie. In 2016 she was a member of Ouija; “Origin of Evil“. she showed her impressive acting skills in various movies and Television series for which she gained a lot of fame in the American entertainment industry.

Born NameLulu Wilson
Celebrated NameLulu Wilson
Net Worth$3 Million
Date of Birth/AgeOctober 7th, 2005/ 17 Years Old
Birth PlaceNew York City's Manhattan

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Early Life

Lulu Wilson was born on October 7th, 2005, in the East Side neighborhood of New York City’s Manhattan United States. Her father’s name is Mr. Wilson and he is a famous businessman by occupation her mother’s name is Mrs. Wilson.

She grew up with his two older sisters. Her mother is a housewife and takes care of three daughters. Lulu Wilson’s sister’s name is Amelia Kdyer and Daisy Stone.


Lulu Wilson began her acting career when she was only 3 years old and she do different commercials at that time. She is well-known for her character in most horror movies that she did like Deliver Us from Evi.

She has been given her version in her acting career in 2012. When she was growing up as a child she start to get offers from different movies and Television shows. So, Let’s talk about both one by one and take a piece of deep information about movies and TV series.


Wilson began her career in commercials and in 2014 she did her first movie. The movie’s name was The Money:” Deliver Us from Evil“.

She plays the role of a grandchild and her name in the film was Christina. Then in 2015, she did another movie with the name “Her Composition” she play the role of Victoria.

She has been participating in different movies every year. In 2016 she did acting in Ouija: Origin of Evel with the name of Doris Zander and in the same year, she did another film Doctor Strange one of the most popular films with the name Donna Strange.

Then in March 2017, she was part of Raised By Wolves with the name of Yoko Gable.

Lulu Wilson Age

There was also a new movie released by the name of Raised By Wolves in 2020 but she is part of the 2017 film. In the same year, she was taking participated in two more films “Cop and a Half: New Recruit” a horror movie with the name of Karina Foley, and “Annabelle: Creation” with the name of Linda.

She took participated in different movies in 2018 she takes participated in three different movies “Ready Player One” with the role of an Elementary school kid, “Gone Are the Days” with the name Sally Anna, and “Slumber” with the name Maya.

In 2020 she did only 2 movies those names are “The Glorias” and “Becky” She has also been a part of different TV series and dramas let’s find out.


She has begun her career with a TV drama after doing a commercial in 2012 she was part of “Louie” in the role of a Little Girl for a few episodes.

After that, she took a break and then finally she start participating in movies and dramas in 2014 she did the role of Young Catherine Black in the “Black Box” TV series.

She took participant in different TV series for different years in 2014 to 2015 she played the role of Mikayla Stoker in “The Millers” Show and then from 2015 to 2016 in “Inside Amy Schumer” with the name Various and then in the same year, she also did another drama with the name of “Teachers” in which she plays the role of a kid student with the name of Annie.

In 2018 she did two TV series “Sharp Objects” and “The Haunting of Hill House“. And in 2020 she also did two dramas “Star Trek: Picard” with the name of Gloria and “50 States of Fright“. She recently did another drama in 2021 “Modern Love” with the name of Katie this drama is about quiz games.

She is doing a new project “Becky 2: The Wrath of Becky” which is the latest project of Lulu that comes on next year. She is also working on a mini TV series and we hope It will be coming soon and it will be a blister on the market.

Personal Life

Lulu Wilson didn’t share her boyfriend’s and parents’ detail. But we know that her father “Mr. Wilson” is a famous businessman and her mother is a housewife she had two older sisters “Amelia Kdyer and Daisy Stone.” She didn’t share much information about her sisters.

Lulu Wilson is single now. Currently Not dating anyone and has no information about her relationship. Lulu takes her personal life private and keeps her life away from the public eye. She loves singing and playing guitar. That she recently share a guitar video that she holds on her Instagram video.

Now she lives in her own house on the east side of New York. And spend most of their time in that area till now. She has moved more than 127K followers on her Instagram and most people know her for playing child roles in different horror movies.

Lulu Wilson Net Worth

Lulu is a child-famous American actress. She has begun her career in childhood time when she was only 3 years old.

She plays different characters in multiple movies and TV dramas. In 2012 she starts taking part in different movies and TV series and then consistently she act in different movies every single year.

Sometimes she takes participants in more the 3 movies in one year. And grow her popularity in her acting career. She loves music and playing guitar. Most of her income comes from her acting skills and also now she promotes some American brands.

At a very small age, she gained most of her popularity by doing work in horror movies. Also, this is the main reason behind their popularity that she works in horror movies.

Lulu Wilson Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $3 Million in 2022

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Lulu Wilson earn?

Lulu Wilson is a famous American Actress who earns $300K Yearly.

How old is Lulu Wilson?

Lulu Wilson was born on October 7th, 2005, in the East Side neighborhood of New York City's Manhattan United States, Now her age is 17 Years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Lulu Wilson?

Lulu Wilson is a very popular Actress who has a total net worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

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