Natalie Morales Net Worth 2023: Bio, Career {Updated}

Natalie Morales Net Worth is regularly around $18 Million in 2023. Natalie Leticia Morales well-known as Natalie Morales is an American actress, writer, director, and popular social media star. She came to the limelight after her appearance in the American entertainment industry as an actress and performed in various TV series as well as films.

She is known for her appearance on various TV shows and News Channels including WNBC, NCB, and many more popular American News TV channels where she performed her job as a news reporter and as an anchor. She is also a popular social media star who appeared in many news shows and live talk shows.

She also gains her popularity on Instagram and other social media accounts because of her amazing acting skills which she shows in her career through appearances in different shows and News Channels.

Many people are interested to know detailed information about their favorite Actress Morales. So, Let’s talk about Natalie Morales Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Earnings, Luxury Lifestyle, and much more detailed information that people are interested to know.

Born NameNatalie Leticia Morales
Celebrated NameNatalie Morales
Net Worth$18 Million
ProfessionActress, Writer, Director
Age50 Years Old
Date of BirthJune 6th, 1972
Birth PlaceTaipei, Taiwan

Early Life

Natalie Leticia Morales well-known as Natalie Morales is an American popular Journalist and director, she was born on June 6th, 1972, in the city of Taipei, Taiwan, Now she is around 50 Years Old. She grew up in a middle-class and well-educated family who encourage her to join her acting career because of her interest.

She belongs to a Christianity religion family and holds American nationality which is also because of her both American parents. She started taking interest in acting in her childhood days. Because she spends most of her time in front of the TV like all children, and also interested in acting analyzing the skills and acting like other actors and actresses do on TV.

Which helped her to take more interest in acting and she built an aim to become an actress in her. Natalie is also a very good writer so she also started writing some TV stories and started her career as an actress and writer for a few popular Television series.

Natalie completed her early education at the Caesar Rodney High School located in Camden, Delaware. After completing her early education at the Agatha school she enrolled herself at Rutgers University and where she participated in the Journalism Workshop and also completed her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

She always has been interested to become a Journalist and director which she started after completing her graduation and started her first work as a Journalist in the local Workshop. Which helped her to take more interest and learn more skills to pursue her career property in acting.


Natalia has begun her acting career after completing her graduation when she joined a Local Workshop as a Journalist. Then she gets a job at News 12 where she was appointed as an anchor at The Bronx morning show. Then she also worked as an editor, camera operator, and producer, because she wanted to gain valuable skills for her professional career.

Morales moved to Hartford, Connecticut because where she become a morning co-anchor and did her job as a weekend anchor and journalist for WVIT-TV. She also did her job and reported on various headline, stories, like Columbine Shoots, in the 2000 Presidential Election reporting, and the September 11th, 2001 attacks reporting for the channel.

She also was tapped for co-hosting the documentary called “Seve Our Sound” and the documentary was focused on preserving the Long Island Sound, also production as nominated for an Emmy Sard. Morales also ended by being recognized by the Hispanic newspaper called “El Diario La Prince“.

Because of her old new casting skills and also being one of the top 50 Most Influential Latine’s new reports. The newspaper team also named her a Top Trendsetter of 2003, because in past time 2002 she worked as an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC which is a popular American News channel, she appeared in 2002 and quit in 2006.

When she quit the MSNBC channe, Morales joined the Today show in 2006 as a national correspondent and after spending a few years with the same team she was selected for co-anchor of the 3rd hour of the show in 2008.

Then after 3 long years in 2011, she replaced Ann Curry as the news anchor for the Today show. Because of that time, Ann becomes the overall host of the Today program. When Natalie become the West Anchor of the Today Show in 2011 she moved to California to perform her job.

Natalie Morales

Morales earned lots of success from that show and spend a few years with the team until 2016. Then join local shows as a guest appearance and in 2016 she moved to the west to host Access and become the coast anchor of Today again until 2019 when she stepped away from hosting Access from that show.

Then Morales’ career become stronger and then in October 2021 it was announced that Morales join the CBS Daytime talk show called The Talk. Where she was selected as a permanent host and moderator then in the following year she also joined CBS News as a correspondent which boost her career to gain popularity as a news anchor.

Personal Life

When we talk about Morales’ personal life information she is an American actress, Journalist, writer, and Director. She started her career in late 1994 when she completed her graduation and join a local academy to learn journalism. Because she wanted to become an actress or journalist in her life.

Her father’s name is Mario Morales, Jr and he is Puerto Rican, Lieutenant Colonel. And her mother’s name is Penelope and she is from Brazil and is a housewife. There is no information about her siblings but according to rumors she has two sisters, there is no information about the name of her sisters.

Natalie Morales’s marital status is married Joseph Rhodes on August 22nd, 1998. After married, they bought a beautiful house in 2002 which cost around $1 Million and is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States of America.

After that, in November 2003, she gave birth to a child which is her first son named Josh. Then in 2008, she gave birth to her second son named Luke Hudson.

Unknown Facts

  • Natalie Morales is an American Actress, Journalist, News Channel host, and popular star.
  • She joined the CBS Daytime talk show in 2021 which was her game changer career time.
  • Morales started her appearance on the show called Today as a co-anchor and national correspondent from 2006 to 2011.
  • Morales appeared as a Today West Coast anchor from 2016 to 2021.
  • She started her career in 1994 after completing her Journalism at the local academy.
  • Morales has more than 101K followers on her Instagram account.

Natalie Morales Net Worth

Natalie is an American Journalist and actress, she earns lots of money from various sources including her contrast and singing on different talk shows as well as reality TV shows. She started her career as a news reporter and an anchor. She generated lots of money but her main income source is as a news anchor.

Many people are interested to know detailed information about the income and salary of their favorite TV anchor Morales. So, Natalie Morales Net Worth is regularly around $18 Million as of 2023. And all the money she earned as of now is from hosting different TV shows and writing as well as directing News and talk shows.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Natalia Morales earn?

Natalia Morales is an Actress, Writer, Director, and Social Media Star who earns around $2 million yearly.

How old is Natalia Morales?

Natalie Leticia Morales well-known as Natalie Morales is an American popular Journalist and director, she was born on June 6th, 1972, in the city of Taipei, Taiwan, Now she is around 50 Years Old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Natalia Morales?

Natalia Morales is an Actress, Writer, Director, and Social Media Star with a Net Worth of $18 Million as of 2023.

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