Nikocado Avocado Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career {Updated}

Nikocado Avocado Net Worth is regularly around $4 Million in 2022. Nicholas Perry is well-known by his celebrated name “Nikocado Avocado” and is a famous YouTuber who created food challenge-related videos.

He is an American Internet star with a viral Food related Youtube channel named “Nikocado Avocado“.

He has hundreds of food-related videos on his youtube channel. On his channel, he has the most popular videos with the title “I’m Too Afraid To Go To The Hospital” that go viral and completed 22 Million videos now.

He is very famous on youtube because of his food-challenging videos with different people. He has almost 6 Youtube channels where he makes videos continuously.

Nikocado has begun his youtube channel in 2014 and uploaded videos to Comedy he has above than 670+ videos on his main youtube channel. And also growing up faster in subscribers. On his main channel, he has above than 3.3 Million subscribers and engages lots of people through his funny challenging videos.

Born NameNicholas Perry
Celebrated NameNikocado Avocado
Net Worth$4 Million
Date of Birth/AgeMay 19th, 1992/ 30 Years Old
Birth PlaceUkraine

Early Life

Nicholas Perry well-known as “Nikocado Avocado” was born on May 19th, 1992, in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, and grow up outside Philadelphia in the United States of America.

He has begun his education at the local school in Philadelphia and completed his early education. Afterward, he joins a Philadelphia college to continue his education.

When he was in college he started playing in drama and different events in his college. He is a classical violinist-trained boy at home when he was a kid.

He was passionate to become an actor or TV star. When he was growing up looking to TV and social media and tried to act like other actors on the internet. From childhood, his parents trained him and taught him to play the violin.

But when he was a kid he want to become an actor and taking participate in his college with dramas and other events. As we said he also knows how to play violin and make a better experience in his college days.

There are different dramas and acts that he did in his college days. But his parents want him to become a violinist.


Perry is well-known as a famous youtube who began his career after completing his college education. When he was in college he took participant in different dramas and active competitions.

After completing his college education his parents want him to become a violinist. And started practicing the violin daily to become a professional.

The first time he performed in his college was when acquired callbacks for the “Glee Project”. He also worked in “The Home Depot” while following his career as a violinist. He starts covering different songs with his violin.

After that, his plan changed, and then created a youtube channel in May 2014. He started his early video creation about lifestyle and other activities that he started recording and sharing on his youtube channel.

Afterward, In 2016 he explained on his youtube channel he was no longer a vegan video citing health concerns that he shows in the video.

At that time in the same year, Perry has begun making mukbang videos for his youtube channel and become one of the first American men who partake in the direction. When he uploaded his first food-challenging video he received 50,000 views in just a few weeks. That’s a big achievement in his life and career.

While he ate most of his videos a parrot sat on his shoulder. In 2018 he appeared in a comedian Central named “Tosh.0” and collaborated with different YouTubers and channels like “Cameo, Patreon, and OnlyFans” in the same year.

In a video, Perry said that for his bad diet and higher fast food usage he has faced some manic episodes. But when he watched his videos then got motivated and start making other food videos.

Nikocado Avocado Age

When did someone question why you eating soo unhealthy food? then he replayed that he knows that fast food is unhealthy he tries to keep away from that but can’t, but after that interview in 2019, he said that he plans to make these types of videos for only a few more years. Because of that it becomes more unhealthy and damages his life.

Most people were concerned about his health because he was eating soo unhealthy food daily in his videos.

At the end of 2019, Perry got in trouble and was indicted by Stephanie Soo for harassing her by sending her photos and text messages from her home pictures when she came to perry’s house for recording videos for youtube.

But after some time Perry uploaded an answer video and denied her claims, in which he show all messages and talked between both and clear the matter.

Zach Choi was the part spent in the video with Soo and Perry. Who told me that he had hired an attorney to address the claims made on social media. But he can’t do that, and after some time perry made a video and said that the rivalry was completely directed to benefit both his career and Soo’s.

When Perry started excessively forcefully coughing he got injured and fractured his ribs on September 18th, 2018. After some time he finally got fine and started working and creating more content for youtube.

In recent years perry’s sharp weight gain and his fans and other YouTubers have been worried about his health. Because of overeating fast food, he got into many decisions and become a bad health problem.

Unknown Facts

  • Perry has three Youtube Channels of food.
  • By combining Perry’s all channels he has around 6.7 Million subscribers.
  • Perry was born in Ukraine.

Personal life

Perry moved to New York in 2013 when he joined a Facebook group for vegan men. He got married in 2017 but there is no information about his wife and children.

He was struggling with different problems in mental health and more because of more eating every time. For the past few years, his weight is started gaining very faster. Perry didn’t share his personal life or his wife’s information but he said that he got married in 2017.

Nikocado Avocado Net Worth

Nikocado Avocado Net Worth is regularly around $4 Million in 2022. He earned lots of money by making youtube videos on 6 different youtube accounts. Because he has 6 Youtube channels where he uploads challenging and food-related videos.

He is making videos on his youtube channel for advertisements and brand promotions. His total subscribers after combining all channels are more than 6.7 million.

He has launched his clothing line with different styles and perry also makes money from his t-shirt brand. Now he is living in New York where he moved in 2013. He is making lots of money from different sources but his main source of income is his youtube main channel which has more than 3.22 million subscribers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Nikocado Avocado earn?

Nikocado Avocado is known as a Youtuber who earns Around $35K Monthly.

How old is Nikocado Avocado?

Nicholas Perry well-known as "Nikocado Avocado" was born on May 19th, 1992, in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, and grow up outside Philadelphia in the United States of America, Now he is 30 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Nikocado Avocado?

Nikocado Avocado Net Worth is regularly around $4 Million as of 2022.

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