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Peter McKinnon Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career {Updated}



Peter McKinnon Net Worth

Peter McKinnon Net Worth is regularly around $3 Million in 2022. Peter McKinnon is a Canadian YouTuber, Photographer, Vlogger, Filmmaker, and Social media star. He came to the limelight after educating and inspiring his fans about his amazing photography experience and cinematic photography through his videos on YouTube.

He started making videos as well as photos at a very young age because he built his interest in making videos and photography. He loves nature photography and videography which he shared on his YouTube videos.

Peter also earned lots of fan-following on his social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube which is the most popular platform and he is very active on his YouTube channel. Also created amazing videos and cinematic photography for his YouTube channel.

He has been featured in some popular Canadian Magazines including Magic Magazine and lots of other photography Magazines because of his amazing photography skills and videography skills. Peter is one of the most popular influencers and YouTubers from Toronto, Canada, He earned lots of subscribers on his channel since 2010.

Many people are interested to know detailed information about their favorite and popular YouTuber McKinnon. So, Let’s talk about Peter McKinnon Net Worth, Age, Bio, Earnings, Career, Luxury Lifestyle, and more detailed information that people are interested to know about McKinnon.

Born NamePeter McKinnon
Celebrated NameMcKinnon
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Photographer, Social Media Star
Age37 Years Old
Date of BirthOctober 28th, 1985
Birth PlaceToronto

Early Life

Peter McKinnon was born on October 28th, 1985, in the city of Toronto, Canada, Now he is around 37 Years Old. He grew up in a well-settled Canadian family who believed in Christianity religion, also he holds a Canadian Nationality which he earned from his parents, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

He completed his early education at the Loca High School, located in Toronto. After competed high school education he enrolled himself at the Private College from where he graduated and then completed a diploma course in Photography and Cinematography from a popular Canadian Institute.

When he was a kid he wanted to become a photographer and learn different skills of photography. He found himself in a deep nature heart every time and love nature photography. He loves photos and videography rather than studying. Because his main aim was to become a popular Canadian Photographer and videographer.

Which came true because he is a well well-known personality, especially for his photography skills. After getting lots of high-quality skills in videography, he converted his passion into a solid career and become a vlogger who published videos on his YouTube channel which started with his original name.

He gained popularity as well as fan-following because he already knew all the information about photography cinematic videography and more information about making videos. Which impressed lots of people and he started earning lots of subscribers on his channel.


Peter McKinnon is a Canadian YouTuber and Photographer he has begun his career in late 2010 when he created his YouTube channel. Now he is well-known for his amazing photography skills not only in Canada but all over the world and also it’s not happened overnight behind this success he many struggles and much effort.

So, Let’s begun his career started days, he completed his photography and cinematic videography skills at a well-known Canadian institute. After that, he started making Nature photography on social media platforms. At that time Peter wanted to collaborate with a company that get photos from him and pay for them.

Like a photographer job, but after some struggle, he didn’t get any opportunity in photography passion. Then his best friend suggested peter start a YouTube channel because he knows all the skills of videography and photography which helped him to start a YouTube channel. But in the start, he worked with a small Magicians company as a photographer.

Then Peter created his official and also the first YouTube Channel with his original name on February 16th, 2010. But at the start, he only created a YouTube channel for watching videos about photography and video skills at that time he was at college and studying. Then he used YouTube to learn lots of Photography skills in his younger days.

After that, finally, at the end of 2016, he thought that why not start a channel after working 15 years with a Magicians company? Then he started making videos continuously on his channel to earn lots of fan-following and great skills in photo and videography.

Then he published his first video on the channel with the title “Wrecked My Shoulder” which was the first vlogging video published on November 25th, 2016, and was received more than 114K views as of now. At that start, his video generated lots of views because of his popularity on social media platforms by his amazing photography skills.

After that, he published another video on his channel with the title “Beard Trim FAIL” he loves dogs and that’s why he brings dogs with him for a haircut in that video, and the video was published on November 29th, 2016, which received more than 111K views as of now still generating more views.

Peter McKinnon

There are lots of amazing videos available on his channel some are viral videos that helped him to generate more views as well as subscribers on his channel. Some most popular videos that give him lots o fan-following are listed here.

The most popular video started with the title “Filmmaker Reacts to CRAZY” which was a crazy video in which he shares some Hollywood ads reactions and creating techniques. The video was published on March 13, 2019, and which was received more than 10 Million views as of now and become the most popular video on his channel.

After getting trend he also created and published more amazing creativity videos on his channel which goes viral instantly his second most popular video started with the title “8 Camera Tips in 90 SECONDS” which is the second most popular video in the video he shared amazing tips to take photos from your camera like a professional cameraman or photographer.

The video was published on December 8th, 2016, and his video received more than 8 Million views as of now and also still generating more views to compete with the most popular video which has more than 10 Million views.

Peter normally has platforms to inspire and also help other people to grow up in their passion and make their passion a career. In 2019, Peter was named Breakout YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Award which was the higher success of his career.

Then in 2020, was the year when he received a Streamy for Cinematography of the Year Award. He also released some popular photography and videography courses on his official website.

Personal Life

When we talk about Peter’s personal life information that he is a Canadian popular YouTuber, Photography, as well as a famous social media star. He is also very popular because of his amazing photography skill and video editing skills which he shared in most of the videos posted on his YouTube channel.

His father’s name is Monty McKinnon and he makes custom guitars from scrape also a former public servant. There is no information about his mother’s name or profession but according to rumors, his mother is a housewife which also appeared in his Instagram post. Peter is the only child of his parents and grew up in the same city where he was born.

Peter McKinnon’s marital status is married, with a beautiful girl named Janice McKinnon who holds Canadian Nationality. They both love traveling all over the world and met with a magazine shooting. They are also blessed with a child a son but there is no information about their son’s name on social media platforms.

Unknown Facts

  • Peter McKinnon is a Canadian YouTuber, Photographer, and Social media Star.
  • He earned lots of fan-following on his different social media platforms including his Instagram.
  • He has more than 5.8 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He loves traveling and photography and his Favorit place to travel in England.
  • He also Loves dogs and has two cute Dogs in his house.

Peter McKinnon Net Worth

Peter is a Canadian YouTuber, Social media star who came to the limelight after publishing amazing cinematic videos on his YouTube channel. Peter earned lots of money from various sources including his social media platforms which pay him lots of money by promoting various products and equipment and collaborating with companies.

Many people are interested to know the detailed income and salary information about their favorite YouTuber McKinnon. So, Peter McKinnon Net Worth is regularly around $3 Million as of 2022. Peter generated lots of money through his YouTube channel through advertising and brand collaborations.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Peter McKinnon earn?

Peter McKinnon is a YouTuber, Photographer, and Social Media Star who earns around $600K Yearly.

How old is Peter McKinnon?

Peter McKinnon was born on October 28th, 1985, in the city of Toronto, Canada, Now he is around 37 Years Old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Peter McKinnon?

Peter McKinnon is a YouTuber, Photographer, and Social Media Star who has a Net Worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

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