Raoul Pal Net Worth 2023: Bio, Career {Updated}

Raoul Pal Net Worth is regularly around $50 Million. Raoul Pal is a British Investor, Hedge fund manager, Business journalist, and co-founder of a famous company “Real Vision Group“, which is one of the largest macro-finance marketing companies in the world.

He is an investor who invests his money in strategists and many other properties and marketing companies. A company that he owns is a paid investment research and publication advisor. He was the founder of hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives at London Goldman Sachs.

He has a lot of experience in the financial sector and all information about finance. He completed his finance education at the University of Plymouth. Where he graduated and accumulated a degree in Economics & Law. He gained popularity after making a finance marketing company.

Born NameRaoul Pal
Celebrated NamePal
Net Worth$50 Million
ProfessionInvestor, Business journalist
Age54 Years Old
Date of BirthFebruary 6th, 1968
Birth PlaceBurnham, Windsor, and Maidenhead

Early Life

Raoul Pal was born on February 6th, 1968, in the city of Burnham, Windsor, and Maidenhead, England (UK). He grew up in the same city with a settled family who believed in Christianity. When he was a kid he wanted to become a lawyer and finance marketed.

He wanted to achieve his two dreams of finance marketing and lawyer. And his patients helped him to achieve his goals. He joined the local High School at Burnham, Windsor, and completed his early education. Then he applied to the University of Plymouth to study finance.

He completed his college degree in Economics & Law in 1990, at the University of Plymouth. After completing their education he got a job as a Sales Executive at the Dow Jones Telerate. When he was a kid he love reading interesting finance books and magazines published at that time in the local newspapers.


So, let’s talk about his career, He joined his first job in a school which was a Sales Executive. At that time he graduated from University and also he is very talented so the gets the job very easily at the first chance.

He got his first job very easily but his main focus a finance marketing and making his own company. But at that time he didn’t have money to build a company. He wants to achieve his dreams and finally, he builds his own business but in the starting few years he feels very depressed and his business goes downward.

But after a few years in 2000, his business grew very faster. Because in 1999 all business goes online on the internet. That’s why he started generating more money from his business and making a great brand finance and marketing company.

Raoul Pal

The Global Macro Investor

The GMI is a Global Macro Investor company that was devoted service to adding some financial information to all its followers by the top players available in the market. This is the biggest market which is growing day after day.

After the advent of the Internet, pal grows his company and achieve lots of goals that he wants to earn in his life. He was one of the few investor guides who grow his company and also helped other people make the best investments.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Pal was also encouraged people to invest in BitCoin in the year 2012 when bitcoin newly introduced in the market. He also started investing in Crypto at that time to become a millionaire. He just recently revealed that his most of income was invested in Bitcoin.

Because he thing Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies that gives him lots of benefits in the future. That’s the same thing that he saw in BTC when it will increase from time to time very quickly and give him lots of money in a few years. At that time he thing to invest in other businesses as well as crypto.

Real Vision

When he got depressed because his old media companies were going down in 2013. Pal founded Real Vision. when finally he launched his new company Real Vision with Grant Williams as a finance to the masses. He started growing his company by going through social media promotions and advertisements to achieve his goals.

His company provided Actionable advice to all people who want to make a profit from his business and that’s why he started growing very quickly and making more money from the company.

Unknown Facts

  • Raoul Pal had separated from his first wife before falling in love with another one “Anoush Pal“.
  • He was born on February 6th, 1968, in the city of Burnham, Windsor.
  • At their wedding, his Wife sang a romantic song for him.
  • Pal loves his dog.
  • He loves traveling and basketball.
  • He recently said that he has more than 700 Bitcoins.

Personal Information

He didn’t share about his personal life like his parents and siblings. So there is no information available about his family. But according to rumors who know about his relationship information and more?

Raoul Pal Fell in love with his wife Anoush Pal in the days when he started his new company around 2019. She is a co-founder of Cayman ABA and a clinical psychologist. She helped the poor child who needed treatment in her hospital which is located on Cayman Island a beautiful place.

They don’t have children yet and they lived together the best life. They also relocated to the Cayman Islands to grow their career and live in the same place where they both have companies.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Raoul Pal earn?

Raoul Pal is a famous Businessman who earns $8 Million Yearly.

How old is Raoul Pal?

Raoul Pal was born on February 6th, 1968, in the city of Burnham, Windsor, and Maidenhead, England (UK), Now he is around 54 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Raoul Pal?

Raoul Pal is a very popular Businessman who has a total net worth of $50 Million.

Raoul Pal Net Worth

Raoul Pal earned lots of money from different sources like he has a company and also doing different things. He also makes multiple companies but his main focus is on investing in marketing and guiding other people to the best place to invest. Raoul Pal Net Worth is regularly around $50 Million.

His main income source is the company that he owns. And also he invested in Bitcoin and as of now, he said that he invested 97% income in Bitcoin. Which he earned from online marketing and as finance marketing advice in his company. He also advises different people who want to know how to make money and promote their brands.

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