Sadia Badiei Net Worth 2022: (PickUpLimes), Biography

Sadia Badiei Net worth is estimated at $2 Million in 2022. She is a well-known Canadian Nutrition, YouTuber, and blogger who correctly resided in the Netherlands with her boyfriend robin gizmo. She came to sport lite after creating her youtube channel (PickUpLimes). She is best known for plant-based nutrition.

Sadia Badiei Net Worth 2022

Born NameSadia Badiei
Celebrated NameSadia
Net Worth$3 Million
Annual Income$400K
Age31 Years Old
Date of BirthMach 6th 1991
Birth PlacePakistan

Early Life

Sadia Badiei was born on 6th Mach, 1991 in Vancouver, Canada. By nationality, she is a Canadian Her father and mother are from Afghanistan and they also moved to Canada. Now she lived in the Netherlands with her partner robin.

Because she the bikes and peaceful life and she also wants to start pickuplimes that’s why she lived in the Netherlands.

Sadia belongs to an Afghanistani family and her parents emigrated to Canada. When she was a child. The main reason for migration is because of the war. Sadia was born in Pakistan. Later they migrated to Vancouver, Canada when she was only six months old.

She grew up alongside her two siblings, Sara badiei who lived in Switzerland. And the second one is that she doesn’t reveal her name but who lived in Canada.

Let’s talk about her education, She graduated from the Dietetics Program at the University of British Columbia which is situated in Vancouver, Canada.

Early Career

She performed as an assistant teacher at the time of her schooling. After completing school she joins different hospitals and clinics as a dietitian with personal practice. Also, Sadia was very popular for providing the best diet therapy to her clients when she was in the hospital.

Sadia was not serious about making her career when she first time start her youtube channel. But she makes a YouTube channel as a hobby and then starts sharing videos whenever she goes on vacation with her family.

Sadia Badiei Age

After that, she thing about youtube seriously and builds her mind to talk about everything related to nutrients with other people in the world. Then she wants to share information about Naresh mint’s expertise with her audience.

Finally, start creating content regularly. She chose to become a living full-time YouTuber. On her YouTube channel, she will create different types of videos and videos related to a vegan and vegetarian life.

She also shares videos about living, traveling and different recipe classes, Breakfast ideas, and morning routines. She aims to make great and delicious vegan recipes for her youtube audience.

Unknown Facts

  • Sadia recently started blogging and sharing great blogs about recipes and normal living life on her official website pickup limes.
  • She had a three-dot tattoo on her right hand.
  • She comes from Afghanistan.
  • Her nationality is Canadian.
  • She was born in Pakistan.

Personal Life

She doesn’t want to share more about her personal life. Her partner’s name is Robin, and he is highly educated and a mechanical engineer. Sadia and Robin met in 2015 in Thailand when Sadia traveled to Thailand on her 6 monthly travel trips and Robin had visited Thailand for vacation.

They met on a beach created friends and moved to rock climbing they both love each other. And spend their lovely time and enjoy the company. They also travel to 6 or more countries with each other and then fall in love. Now they both living in the Netherlands.

Sadia keeps hiding her personal and romantic life. She also said that she is married and her husband’s name is Robin. But her husband┬áRobin is usually seen on her youtube videos. They got married in 2022 in Canada.


Sadian lived in a luxurious house which is located in a posh area in the country of the Netherlands. But, for now, she can’t reveal it in the house location.

She also made her grand office for pickup limes in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her house is also located near the office which helps her to join her team as early as she can. She lives a peaceful life in Amsterdam which is a beautiful city in the Netherlands.

Youtube Channel

She start her Youtube Channel on 26th October 2016 as a hobby. In the beginning, she doesn’t serious about her career and shared videos about traveling. Whenever she goes for a picnic with her family then creates videos about traveling.

But after some time she wants to make videos about nutrition and provide her expertise to other people who don’t know about nutrition. Then finally she sharts making videos and takes her youtube channel as a carrier and want to become a social media influencer.

Now in 2022, her channel completed 172 videos with 222 Million total views. This is the main source of her income now she has above the above 3.9 million subscribers on her youtube channel. She has two assistants that manage her food work in her office and prepares food for making videos.


Sadia Badiei is a well-known Youtube and Nutrition. She also has a blog where she provides different types of articles related to nutrition, lifestyle, and food recipes.

She is one of the richest personalities on youtube from Canada. The main source of her income is Youtube Channel advertisements, paid promotions, and Collaborations with brands.

Sadia Badiei Net Worth

Sadia Badiei has an estimated net worth of $3 Million as of 2022. She is lived in Neathland and she is from Canada. Her Boyfriend’s name is Robin she met him in Thailand when she went for a picnic.

Her main source of income is brand promotions, collaborations, and Youtube advertisements, and also she has a website where she posts different recipes and vegan lifestyles.

In 2012 she left all types of foods like fast food and more. She completely admits to the start of living a vegetarian lifestyle. She also shares her lifestyle videos with her audience. She aims to make everyone vegan.


She is a very famous YouTuber and starts making videos on Youtube in October 2016. When she joins hospitals as a nutritionist. She doesn’t think about her career after some time when she makes tour videos on her youtube channel.

She finally takes youtube as a serious full-time job. Now she is making lots of money from YouTube using advertisements and brand promotions. And making her life easy to live in a pice full place Amsterdam the city of Netherlands.

As of 2022 Sadia Badiei has a total net worth of $3 Million in 2022.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Sadia Badiei earn?

Sadia Badiei is popular nutrition and Youtuber who earned $400K Annual income from different sources but her main source of income is YouTube advertisements.

How old is Sadia Badiei?

Sadia Badiei was born on March 16th, 1991 in Pakistan, and then she moved to Canada with her family, now she is 31 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Sadia Badiei?

Sadia Badiei is a very famous YouTuber and a Nutrition expert who has a total net worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

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