Stu Feiner Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career {Updated}

Stu Feiner Net Worth is regularly around $11 Million in 2022. Stu Feiner is a well-known American sports bookmaker and a handicapper. He is also helping people and has 30 years of experience man who served his life as a continual innovator,  and pioneer of the sports Handicapping company.

He is one of the best-known personalities because of his accuracy and the unbeatable expertise that he gets in his long-time serving experience in this industry. That gives him the title of “The Source” when he gives his expertise to the sports industry.

He is doing this job for a long time and gets higher success because of his fully experienced. Stu also appeared on National Television as a sports advisor in 1982. When he was showing his expertise in that sport by giving better assigning different players in the game.

When he was a kid his father supported him to get higher success in his life. His father wants him to become a football player. But he want to build a business and that’s why he started a handicapper business. And he spent his 30 years growing that company in the world become internet arrives.

Born NameStu Feiner
Celebrated NameStu Feiner
Net Worth$11 Million
ProfessionSports handicapper
Date of Birth/AgeJanuary 31st, 1961/ 61Years Old
Birth PlaceLong Island New York

Early Life

Stu Feiner was born on January 31st, 1961, in the city of Long Island New York, United States. He was born in the house of Howard Feiner who served in the army of the United State and also served in Germany from America.

The front said that his father was the world’s most formidable veteran. When he was around 31 years old he lost his mom. Who was suffering from “Breast Cancer“.

He grew up with his brother named “Les Barry Feiner” in the same place where they were born. But in 2006 he also lost his brother. Let’s talk about his education then Feiner completed his high school education at Farmingdale High School from 1976 to 1979.

After completing his high school education Feiner was placed to continue his study and in 1980 the final time when he entered college to continue his higher education. When in 1983 he completed his Associate’s degree in Business at the “Nassau Community College”.

His father is very sportive and helps him to achieve his goals. When he was a kid his desire is to become a businessman. Also, his father wants him to become a businessman. That’s why they admitted him to the Business Education College.

To complete his education in business and start his own business and become a great personality. He also spends his most of time playing football during his school days. He also win a championship during his school and college days.


Stu Feiner has begun his career as a famous player in the sports handicapping industry when there is no internet arrives in the world. In 1982 he has been performed his job in a handicapped company.

When he was new in this handicapping industry Feiner was also invited to a national TV syndicated “Sports Advisors”. Sports handicapping is a coach who trains all players and advisors on that specific sport.

So, that television show presented games as an economic market that renders lucrative recoveries. He appeared in a Sports Illustrated article with the name “1-900 Ripoffs” at the end of 1991. After appearing on national TV he was getting fame in the world as a handicapper.

Feiner allowed Sports Illustrator to demonstrate his NFL picks for one month. Stu was disclosed by Sports Illustrated as faking his prediction. After getting the wrong prediction and with only 37% of the winning ratio.

Sports Illustrated attempts to place some different types of Stories while disclosing Stu Feiner. Stu’s brother “Kevin Duffy” was a publisher and predicated the winner in 1st week at the sports media company.

Who published an advertisement in the New York Daily News? Regardless, before the start of the game, the advertisement that his brother lew made was shown in the New York Daily News.

Stu Feiner Age

At the end of 1997, he was reported that running around $16 million sports handicapping company. He appointed around 200 plus people as an employee. When first-time internet arrived in the world it shut down his business.

In 2005 a movie was designed about his life named “Two For The Money” and the main role is played by Al Pacino a famous actor. Which shows all ups and downs in Stu’s life.

The movie shows all things when he started college and began his life all stories. When he started his high school and first job in football games.

And also become a handicapper who advises all players in the right direction and focuses on their performance. That’s why the whole true story of his life that the writer showed in that movie.

Stu Feiner Relationship

Feiner didn’t share any previous relationship information but on March 12th, 1988, he got into marriage to a beautiful girl named “Sandra Feiner“. They both have 4 sons and live in the same city where Feiner was born.

And now there are almost 30 years completed of their marriage and they are still very happy and spending their life full of fun.

Feiner met Sandra in new york when he was the age of 27. First of all, they met each other and then become best friends, and one-day Feiner’s purpose and she suddenly accepted with happiness. Then they got married and now listing happily with 4 kids in new york.

Stu Feiner Net Worth

Stu Feiner Net Worth is regularly around $11 Million as of 2022. He earned lots of money when he own a handicapping company. He spends his most of time growing his business and making himself a millionaire.

He gave his pure 30 years to this company to grow and become a successful businessman.

YearNet Worth
2018$2 Million
2019$5 Million
2020$7 Million
2021$9 Million
2022$11 Million

At that time his has only one income source and that was a handicapper company that he own. Afterward, When the internet comes on the market he loses his company and goes into losing.

After some time he leaves his company because of higher losses in his business. He has gained lots of popularity in the world from the handicapper business.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does Stu Feiner earn?

Stu Friner is known as a sports bookmaker and a handicapper who earns Around $80K Monthly.

How old is Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner was born on January 31st, 1961, in the city of Long Island New York, United States, Now he is 61 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner Net Worth is regularly around $11 Million as of 2022

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