TwoMad Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career {Updated}

TwoMad Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $2 Million in 2023. He is the most popular Canadian YouTuber. He has more than 3 Gaming YouTube Channels and over 5 Million subscribers after combining his all channels.

Also, he is a commendation while streaming different games on youtube. He earned lots of money by creating Youtube gaming videos. Suddenly he faced an increase in his audions because of a recent collaboration with a famous YouTube “Belle Delphine“.

Born NameMuudea Sedik
Celebrated NameTwoMad
Net Worth$2 Million
ProfessionYouTube Star
Date of Birth/Age17 December 2000/ 22
Birth PlaceWinnioeg Manitoba Canada

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Early Life

TwoMad was born on 17th December 2000, in the city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. His real name is Muudea SedikĀ He is well-known for his celebrated name TwoMad. He has begun creating content on YouTube in 2010.

He loved creating gaming videos and in the beginning time, he didn’t get any views on his youtube videos.

But he doesn’t stop there, Then he started making videos about the popular game series “Halo”. He didn’t play video games for long hours as a kid so, he does lots of other activities in his life.

TwoMad started Creating other types of videos where he was doing different challenges and street videos.

Early Career

As he grows older he decided to integrate his love for games. Because he had a natural storytelling ability. Then he created his first YouTube channel under the name of Tomat. Inspired by the fandom for counter-strike Youtuber.

He created his first YouTube channel at the start of April 2016 when he was just 15 years old. A few months later he created his first video on a dragon ball z game and uploaded it on his youtube channel.

Which existed under the label “When Torbjorn Molten Course“. By creating overwatch video games he grew her fan following. By the year 2017, he created lots of videos and uploaded them on his youtube channel and grew the audience little by little.

When he was getting more popular on his youtube channel then skip his study at school. He decided to give his time to creating more youtube videos.

He has also created another youtube channel and managed both of them. In August 2017 he started his second channel and named his youtube channel “2mat“.

On his second channel, he started making videos about commentary and scratch videos. He created an unusual video clip that goes extremely viral. Then in March 2017, he faced a big problem with his Twitch account because of his unusual videos.

After gathering over 1 million fans on Twitch he receives permanently banned from the platform. This problem will happen in April 2019.


The reason behind the account being banned from the twitch platform was pretty clear. But when he contacts them then he received a note that a live stream that he was using from omega plate form. Well, he decide what to do next, so after that, he shifted all videos from twitch onto his Youtube channel 2mat 360.

After that time he did lots of controversies about famous music celebrities. That’s why he received hate from people. Afterward, the BBC invited him for an interrogation to talk about his ventures on a segment on the British TV channel.

In April 2022, he got arrested when he was on the six flags magic mountain trip. Well, it was sparked by an unruly fan who claimed two mad blew him off. while the two ridings go-karts.

At that time security was finally called to kick out him of the park but he refused to leave the park. So, security arrested him and fined him for a bad character then leave him.

As he gains fans at the same time he also gained hatters. Because when he started a controversy between BTS and other popular singers and YouTubers. Then many people hated him. That’s the point when he realise that he was doing wrong at that time.

Then he started making his regular videos and start gathering his audiences. Now he has more than 2.6 million subscribers on his main channel and 2.4 Million on his second channel. Two also have a third youtube channel.

Personal Life

He didn’t share his personal life information. But as of 2023, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Most rompers are thinking about belle delphine as their girlfriend. But that’s not true. Because they are just best friends and collaborating for some shoot.

He spends his most of time in Canada in his own house that he recently purchased. There are no recorders available about his past relationship. But as of now, he is single. When he was age 8 he decided to make videos on youtube.

But he didn’t know that one day he becomes the most popular youtube in Canada. He doesn’t share any information about his family members and friends. But we recently saw that he is collaborating with the famous youtube star “Belle Delphine“.

Income Sources

Two mad is a well-known YouTuber who has three youtube channels merging all subscribers he has 5 million subscribers. His most of income comes from their YouTube channels. He also collaborates with brands, and other games and earns lots of money.

Well, on youtube he is making advertisements that he applies to his videos. Other than that he is also making lots of money by promoting different games and brands. Those pay him a lot more money than an advertisement.

TwoMad Net Worth

TwoMad Net Worth is Roughly Estimated at $2 Million in 2023. He is a Canadian YouTuber who loves playing games and shares his gaming videos on youtube with audiences.

He started making videos at a very young age and when he saw that he is getting famous on youtube he left his school and give full time to youtube and starts making more videos.

Two mad also started his second channel, he start making video commentary on other gaming videos. Because he knows that he has an in-build skill of commentary.

He creates his second channel in April 2019. He also shares his videos on his youtube channel. One time he shares an unusual clip, that goes viral on social media. That short clip was giving him more popularity.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much does TwoMad earn?

TwoMad is a famous YouTuber who earns $500K Yearly.

How old is TwoMad?

TwoMad was born on 17th December 2000, in the city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Now he is 22 years old.

How Much is the Net Worth of TwoMad?

Two is a very popular YouTuber who has a total net worth of $2 Million as of 2023.

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